Cubii revolutionized the fitness equipment market with its compact under-desk ellipticals, designed to encourage movement while seated. Their products cater to those looking for convenient ways to incorporate exercise into daily life. This case study explores how Cubii leveraged strategic community building and a deep understanding of their target audience to achieve remarkable growth, turning a Kickstarter project into a thriving business with millions in revenue.

Understanding the Target Market

When Cubii first entered the market, they aimed their products at young professionals in office environments, anticipating that this segment would benefit most from increased activity during work hours. However, they soon realized their appeal extended far beyond this group. Comprehensive market research revealed a broader, more diverse audience including health-conscious individuals, older demographics seeking low-impact exercise options, and style-conscious women looking to stay fit. By understanding and catering to these distinct segments, Cubii was able to tailor its messaging and marketing strategies effectively, ensuring a broader market reach.

Cubii initially targeted young professionals in office environments but soon discovered a wider audience through comprehensive market research. They identified key segments including:

  • Health-conscious individuals: Seeking to increase physical activity during long periods of sitting.

  • Weight-conscious individuals: Integrating calorie burning into daily routines, particularly during work or leisure.

  • Older demographics: Seniors and those with limited mobility needing low-impact exercise options.

  • Style-conscious women: Motivated by fitness goals, especially around summer.

Recognizing these segments allowed Cubii to tailor their messaging and marketing efforts to resonate with diverse customer needs and motivations.

Content Marketing: A Cornerstone of Growth

Cubii's content marketing strategy was instrumental in building brand awareness and trust. They cleverly repurposed existing content, securing permissions to republish positive reviews and testimonials about under-desk ellipticals from other websites. This approach provided several benefits:

  • Educating the Audience: Introducing potential customers to the concept and benefits of under-desk ellipticals.

  • Building Trust: Enhancing credibility with positive reviews from established sources.

  • Lead Generation: Including calls to action in repurposed content to encourage sign-ups and further engagement.

This approach was crucial in establishing Cubii as a credible player in the fitness equipment market.

Paid Advertising: Initial Boost, Limited Long-Term Success

In the early stages of its growth, Cubii relied heavily on paid advertising to drive immediate conversions and boost brand visibility. Channels such as search engine marketing, display advertising, and social media advertising on platforms like Facebook and Instagram were utilized. While these tactics provided an initial boost in traffic and sales, Cubii soon found that the return on investment from direct response advertising began to diminish as brand awareness grew. This realization led them to pivot towards more sustainable marketing strategies that focused on long-term brand building and community engagement.

Cubii's evolving strategy included:

  • Search Engine Marketing: Targeting broader search terms like "under desk elliptical" to capture more traffic.

  • Display Advertising: Using visual ads on relevant websites to increase visibility.

  • Social Media Advertising: Promoting content and offers through targeted ads on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The Power of Community: Influencer Outreach, Affiliates, and PR

Recognizing the immense potential of community-driven growth, Cubii invested significantly in influencer outreach, affiliate marketing, and public relations. By partnering with fitness influencers, social media personalities, and health experts, Cubii was able to tap into established audiences and gain valuable endorsements. Their affiliate program incentivized individuals and websites to promote Cubii products, creating a network of enthusiastic promoters. Additionally, strategic public relations efforts secured media coverage in health, fitness, and lifestyle publications, further enhancing brand visibility and credibility.

Cubii built a strong community through influencer partnerships, an affiliate program, and strategic public relations efforts:

  • Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with fitness bloggers, social media personalities, and health experts to promote their products, leveraging the trust these influencers had with their audiences.

  • Affiliate Programs: Offering commissions to individuals and websites promoting Cubii, creating a network of motivated promoters.

  • Public Relations: Securing media coverage in health, fitness, and lifestyle publications to boost brand exposure and establish thought leadership.

The Importance of User Experience

Cubii placed a strong emphasis on delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience across all digital platforms and products. This included designing an informative and user-friendly website that guided visitors through the product selection process, developing a companion app for tracking fitness progress and setting workout goals, and investing in a responsive customer support team. By prioritizing user experience, Cubii not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also fostered loyalty and positive word-of-mouth, which were critical to their growth.

Cubii prioritized seamless and intuitive user experiences across their digital platforms and products:

  • Website Design: An informative and user-friendly website guiding visitors through product selection.

  • App Functionality: A companion app for tracking fitness progress, setting workout goals, and syncing with devices.

  • Customer Support: Investing in responsive customer support to foster loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Challenges and Adaptations

Like any growing company, Cubii faced several challenges along the way. Initial assumptions about their primary market segments needed refinement, which they addressed through ongoing market research and customer data analysis. As the effectiveness of direct response advertising waned, Cubii shifted its focus towards broader branding efforts, content marketing, and community-building initiatives. Managing inventory and supply chain logistics was another significant challenge, which they overcame by carefully coordinating with suppliers and optimizing inventory levels to meet increasing demand.

Cubii faced several challenges but adapted effectively:

  • Refining the Target Audience: Continuous market research helped identify diverse customer groups.

  • Evolving Marketing Strategies: Shifting focus from direct response advertising to broader branding efforts and community building.

  • Managing Inventory and Supply Chain: Careful management of inventory levels and supplier relationships to meet demand.

Key Takeaways

Cubii's journey offers valuable insights for leveraging community and targeted marketing strategies for growth:

  • The Power of Community: Building a passionate community of users and influencers drives brand awareness and sales.

  • Know Your Audience: Understanding the needs and motivations of your target market is essential for effective messaging.

  • Content is King: High-quality, informative content educates potential customers and builds trust.

  • User Experience Matters: Positive user experiences across all touchpoints are critical for satisfaction and retention.

  • Agility is Essential: Adapting strategies and responding to market changes are key to sustained growth.


Cubii's success showcases the effectiveness of a community-centric approach to marketing and product development. By identifying their target audience, crafting compelling content, leveraging influential voices, and prioritizing user experience, Cubii established itself as a leader in the under-desk elliptical market. Their journey serves as a blueprint for businesses looking to replicate this success through community-driven growth strategies.